Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Week's DVD releases 11/18/2008

In the mood for an animated love story with a strong environmental message? Disney Pixars' "WALL*E" is among this weeks new releases and not only does it include a theatrical "short" titled "Presto",the DVD has an amusing bonus "short" film called "Burn*E",as well as director commentary.WALL*E is a lonely "cleaner" robot left behind on an empty earth to clean up with only a cockroach for company,and he has a fixation on the musical "Hello Dolly",which he watches daily.Then he falls in love with EVE,a probe robot sent to earth to collect biological samples and literally follows her across the universe.I think this is quite possibly one of the best Pixar movies to date! Read on.....


Major Releases

  • "WALL*E"-98 Minutes,G-rated,animated,widescreen

  • "Tropic Thunder"-107 Minutes,R-rated,widescreen,action/comedy,stars Jack Black,Robert Downey Jr. & Ben Stiller

  • "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2"-117 Minutes,PG-13,widescreen,sequel to "chick flick" of same name,stars America Ferrera & Amber Tamblyn

  • "Gonzo"The Life & Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson"-120 Minutes,R rated,widescreen,documentary



  • "Bones - Season Three"-5 disc set of Fox forensic drama

  • "Charmed - The Complete Series"-DVD set of witchy drama

  • "Doctor Who - The Complete Fourth Series"-6 disc set,scifi series

  • "Hannah Montana - The Complete First Season"-4 disc set of Disney teen hit

  • "McHale's Navy - Season Four"-5 disc set of classic TV series

  • "The Odd Couple - The Final Season"-3 disc set of classic TV series


Other DVD releases this week

  • "300 - Limited Collectors Edition"-3 disc set

  • "Encounters at the End of the World"-Also in blu-ray

  • "Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special "-Comedy Central special,widescreen,also on blu-ray

  • "The Who At Kilburn - 1977"-2 disc set of The Who in concert

  • "Paris Je T'Aime"-2 disc set,also on blu-ray

  • "The Third Man (1949) Criterion Collection "-2 disc dvd set or blu-ray

  • "Up the Yangtze"-Widescreen,subtitled

  • "The Last Emperor (1987) - Criterion Collection "-Widescreen

  • "Mirrormask"-Now on blu-ray

  • "Mister Lonely"-Widescreen

  • "Priceless"-Widescreen,also on blu-ray


Thats all for this week and remember,as you are compiling your Christmas shopping lists,DVD's make great gifts and they always "fit"!See you next week!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Have a great Memorial Day!

Memorial Day Weekend is here , and summer has officially kicked off but while we are running around buying food and beer, or outdoors grilling, or paying through the nose for gas in order to drive somewhere, let us not forget what the Holiday means. While we are enjoying a three-day weekend, there are many members of our US Military who are halfway around the world, away from their families and friends, risking their own lives.There will be many cookouts and other gatherings this weekend across Delmarva and the entire country who will be missing one or more family members, because they are in Iraq, or Germany, or out at sea.
There are also many others who lost their lives who have proudly served their country in the past. That, my fellow Americans, is what this Holiday is truly about.
I also wanted to mention that forty years ago this week, the USS Scorpion disappeared with 99 men aboard and was later officially listed as missing in June by the Navy. About six months later the Skipjack class nuclear submarine and her crews remains were found deep in the Atlantic Ocean.the submersible was based in Norfolk,, Virginia.
Let us all take the time this weekend to remember these brave sailors and others who lost their lives serving their country.

" I'm Ba-ack"

I have been AWOL for a while-I have been working more hours at my PT job and busy with activities now that its warm outside!Not sure if anyone even still reads!LOL

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This weeks DVD releases 5/6/08

Theatrical Releases this week:
  • "First Sunday" -Allstar comedic cast makes this tale of a church heist irresistable.Katt Williams and Ice Cube star. Widescreen available.Also on blu-ray disc.

  • "I'm Not There" -An offbeat movie that focuses on singer songwriter Bob Dylan, with an appearance by the late Heath Ledger.Widescreen.

  • "P.S. I Love You"-This weeks obligitory chick flick stars Hilary Swank, who is widowed and discovers her husband is still very much with her through letters.Widescreen.

Other DVD's released this week....

  • "The Bridges of Madison County"-Widescreen.
  • "The Business of being Born"-Widescreen.
  • "The Hottie and the Nottie"-Widescreen.
  • "La Roue"(1923)-2 disc set
  • "Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Movie"-Widescreen.
  • "Speed Racer the Next Generation - The Beginning"-Fullscreen
  • "Teeth"-Widescreen
  • "Twister"(1996)-DVD and Blu-ray release

TV on DVD.....

  • "The 4400 - The Complete Fourth Season"-4 disc set
  • " Avatar the Last Airbender - Book Fire - Volume Three"-Fullscreen
  • "Bewitched - The Complete Sixth Season"-4 disc set
  • "Crossing Jordan - Season One"-5 disc set

Thats all for this week-these were released yesterday and so should be available at your local video store and all retailers today.Enjoy!

Monday, April 28, 2008

This weeks DVD releases:4/29/08

"27 Dresses" movie poster

Theatrical releases:

  • "27 Dresses"-Classic "always the bridesmaid,never the bride" chick flick romantic comedy stars Katherine Heigl-Widescreen
  • "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"-cinematic French film-Widescreen
  • "The Golden Compass"-dark fantasy stars Nicole Kidman & Daniel Craig,who also worked and appeared together in last years "Invasion". (trivia tidbit!)-Widescreen

Other movies released this week on DVD:

  • "First Knight"(1995)-Blu ray disc also available
  • "A Generation Apart"(1984)-Widescreen
  • "How She Move"-With featurette
  • "Oceans Eleven"(2001)-Blu ray disc also available
  • "Oceans Twelve"-Blu ray and DVD

TV on DVD this week:

  • "The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones"-DVD set
  • "Beverly Hills 90210-The 4th Season"-8 disc set
  • "Paranormal State - Season 1"-3 disc set
  • "The Waltons-The Complete 7th Season"-5 disc set

Thats all for this week!

Balls to the wall!!!!

A popular automotive fad has emerged on truck bumpers everywhere, and it ain't bumper stickers , and it goes way beyond those cutesy dog heads and boat propellers you see on trailer hitches ! As seen above, alot of guys are fond of those swinging bull testicle replicas made of materials ranging from metallic to rubber and the good ole boys in Florida are no different but lawmakers in the Sunshine State are trying to enact a law banning the ornamental gonads, and violations would be punished with fines.Can anyone say "pork"? What a waste of the states' time and only the latest example of such.
In Louisiana, legislation to ban those baggy falling-down pants was shot down and there is good reason why. If I had a son who wore pants that way, I would b*tchslap him because its not proper upbringing and nobody wants to see the "plumber buttcrack" but it is a matter of taste-and you just cannot dictate that. As much as I hate those baggy pants, to make a legal issue of it and actually fine people for their choice in clothing would be akin to Communism.
As far as the debate in Florida over "bumperballs" goes,I have only seen a few "pairs" of the silver finished ones, and while they are tacky and,lets face it, testicles ain't pretty-real or replica-it is a matter of personal taste rather than outright obscenity. And they ARE fake-its not like the cowpokes are castrating live bulls and teabaggin' the highways with them! As long as Florida is enforcing common decency, maybe they can start letting state police ticketing those people with the annoying old "Bush/Cheney 2004" stickers-thats REALLY offensive!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Golfer beats 67 million to one odds.....

Iowa golfer Ted Kemp should have bought a lottery ticket last Monday-he beat 67 million to one odds and scored two back-to-back holes-in-one (both par 3) at the Muscatine Municipal Golf course.
He used a pitching wedge to sink his tee shot on the 3rd hole from 130 yards out and then made a passing comment about the odds of doing it again. Sure enough, at the next hole, he hit 182 yards with an 8-iron and nailed it again! He finished the day with a 78 and chalked the feat of two aces up to luck, rather than skill.